Hi 👋 I am

Mister Joessef

I am a software developer with an immense interest in
gaming, crypto, automation, AI, and frankly anything tech related.

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What I Do 💪

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Former Experiences
Most importantly....

My quest for knowledge never stops, I am always learning new things, and will add more to my skillset as I travel through this wonderful simulation


  1. Complete incredible tasks using AI easily and at an affordable price, no fiddling with your machine, no driver issues, no github headaches, just use a simple UI to build incredible things

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  2. Made during the last crypto hype cycle, I was a huge fan of NFT minting, but it was impossible to keep track of different mints, on different blockchains, so I created my own website: cryptocrats.xyz on the backend I created an internal tool that given a twitter profile would red the profile description and try to infer the date/time of the mint, and quickly generate the database entry on firebase

  3. Unity 3D

    Worked with hyper casual pulishers, namely Voodoo, and Supersonic studios, Created over 30 different hyper casual titles on iOS, using Unity

  4. Lemonade.io

    Worked on an amazing note taking app called Cassette.io that later got aquihired by evernote

  5. 👶

    i Joined the sim in one of the millenial years of our lord